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I’m Fran Bell and I am excited to share with you how Life Coaching has changed my life.


I was raised in New York and moved to California where I had a successful career in television. I got married, raised two beautiful children and five dogs. After my kids left home, I struggled to find purpose.


I felt called to be a writer since childhood so having extra time on my hands, I decided to learn and hone the craft. But as Jon Kabat Zinn states in his book titled Wherever You Go, There You Are, I brought my perfectionistic tendencies to my dream and slowly, over years, sucked the life right out of it. The harder I tried, the worse I felt and the more I punished myself. I was lost. If I wasn’t a writer then who was I?


I was unhappy and had no idea what to do to change it. I felt stuck and inadequate. I wondered if this was as good as my life was going to get.


Life Coaching shifted my thinking from limitation to possibility. It helped me identify the long-held beliefs and painful stories that held me back. The techniques and tools I was given guided me beyond awareness and into making practical change. I was able to see how my self-judgments and expectations were keeping me stuck. I gave myself permission to explore what made me curious, what nourished and fascinated me. Quickly I noticed I felt happy and light and my relationships with friends and family got deeper and more authentic. I live what I am offering every day. It’s a practice and I’m so grateful for it. It has changed my life. I can honestly say now that I love who I am and I love my life. I’m calm, creative, open-hearted and joyful.

Investing in Life Coaching is a generous act.

When you truly love your life, others will see what is possible for themselves.

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