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“I have very much enjoyed working with Fran. She is a wise, compassionate and intuitive coach. Fran’s approach to the issues I brought to our sessions was thoughtful and extremely helpful. I highly recommend her as a life coach.”

-Elisa C.

I’ve done many coaching sessions with Fran and after each time I feel clearer, lighter and calmer.  Fran is an intelligent and intuitive listener.  She is truly gifted in bringing out the “aha!” moment that comes from within.

-Alison F.

“Working with Fran has been so helpful!  She is a deeply engaged, unbiased listener who asks compelling questions that have helped me to see my situations more clearly and to discover my own best way forward. Fran breaks things down in a way that feels manageable and safe.”

-Liz N.

"Having Fran as my coach was such a blessing at a time when I really needed it. She truly has the gift of active listening and being able to simplify complex thoughts towards a positive action plan. She’s smart, kind hearted and funny, which made working with her so productive and gratifying."

-Lori F.

"Fran is extremely grounded, centered, kind, and gentle. Her approach to coaching really helped me shift old, stuck patterns and after each session I felt stronger in myself. I feel extremely safe with Fran, and am able to share anything that comes up with her...the absolute *key* to shifting out of ways that no longer serve me. She is one of those rare people who can truly LISTEN and hold space. You can tell that comes from genuine care. When she offers wisdom or counsel, it is often in the form of a great question back to me.  I recommend her highly to anyone who is interested in knowing themselves more deeply and wants to feel truly held in that process.  She is special and I am so grateful to have found her!"

-Suzanne S.
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