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You had the power all along, my dear.

-Glinda the Good Witch

You are whole and capable just as you are.
As your Life Coach, I will ask you powerful questions that will help you uncover your deepest wisdom and from there you will make your soundest decisions.

You will quickly discover how life’s challenges can be invitations to learn and grow.

Life Coaching uses practices of healing the mind and body to help challenge negative beliefs by exploring and replacing them with truer and more positive alternatives. You can have agency over your thoughts and your life.

Clients come to me feeling:

  • Fear

  • Unworthiness/Shame

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

They struggle with:

  • Perfectionism

  • Indecisiveness

  • Lack of purpose

  • Lack of joy

Life Coaching helps them to:

  • Trust their inner knowing

  • Love themselves even when they stumble

  • Respond rather than react

  • Take action steps toward their goals.

  • Manage their emotions for a lifetime

  • Create a life they love

All with more ease and efficiency of effort.

The answers are within you. I will help you draw them out.

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