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Owning Your Wins

Let’s make a victory list!

I do this throughout the year but it can be started at anytime and year end is a perfect opportunity.

I promise you’ll thank me. ;)

Either in your phone’s notes file, or on good old-fashioned pen and paper, list all of your victories this year. All the challenges you overcame (survival is a win), all the goals you met, all the successes of every kind.

Don’t be shy. You’re not bragging. You’re speaking truth. You can write this list just for you if that helps you write freely.

Go through your calendar, your journals, your photos and list out from January until December, all the good things that happened, all the wins you had.

The brain remembers what we feed it the most.

Let’s bypass our natural negativity bias (focusing on what is wrong) and re-program our brains to prioritize the positive!

Afterward, you can cut the wins into slips of paper and put them in a jar or you can keep the list and add to it in the future.

You won’t have to wait long to experience the results of writing a victory list. You will feel and see the effects right away. (I’d love to hear about your experience.)

My 2023 list includes but is not limited to:

  • Surviving a break up

  • Healing after two surgeries

  • Moving to an amazing place that I love

  • Getting certified from two intensive programs

  • Helping more clients

  • Chipping away at my perfectionism so I can make mistakes and learn

  • Getting better at Pickleball!

Notice what I did there? I took some hard, painful events and turned them into victories. I’m telling the truth, I’m just prioritizing the positive.

I hope you’ll try this. It’s simple and it really works.

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